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Crystal Grids

A crystal grid is a predefined set of multiple crystals arranged in a harmonic sacred geometric relationship.  This combination and arrangement of crystals works synergistic to converts and focuses the external energy which impinges upon it in a variety of forms (e.g. sound, light, electromagnetism) into a unified energy field tuned to a particular need or requirement.  The unified energy field that is created allows for vibrational interactions of crystal energies with the aura, spirit, and mind of the human body consistent with the prescribed healing and wellness design.

A single crystal, properly prepared and used, can be a potent energy source for many purposes.  However, sometimes you need more.  Combining the power and energy of crystals can be confusing.  Arrangements of crystals can be difficult to understand and use effectively. 

Crystal Grids solve these issues.  If the grid is constructed correctly, you will be able to use its ability to focus and enhance the Universal Life Force easily and effectively. 

You will not have to worry about conflicting energies, or poor arrangements that dissipate the energies.  Rather, you will use your crystals with confidence and power. 

The Focus Stone is the rock or crystal that is located in the center of a Crystal Grid.  Its purpose is primarily to gather, focus and amplify the Universal Life Force.  It collects the Universal Life Force and channels it onto our grid.

Focus stone on grid

The Focus Stone  is the part of our crystal grid that gathers in that Force, drawing it down and inward creating essentially a downward flowing wave of coherent energy that is then coalesced and amplified through the crystal’s internal energy lattice.

  The energy that flows out from the Focus Stone is then modified and shaped by the Color Energy of the Focus Stone and the design of the grid.



crystal grid way stonesThe stones that immediately surround a center stone on The Path are called the Way Stones.  They are very important elements of many grids.  The Focus Stone brings in the Life Force and shapes it through its Crystal Energy Lattice, modifies it with its Color Energy, and sends it down The Path to the Way Stones. 

The Way Stones then further modify the energy.  Their work is similar to a pump in a water system.  The water is flowing down a pipe, but if a pump is added it can amplify and modify the flow. 

Way Stones do exactly that - they amplify and further modify the Universal Energy flowing in the Grid.   Their effects, like that of a Focus Stone are dependent on their crystal energy lattice, and their Color Rays. 


crystal grids desire stoneDesire Stones are the outermost stones on a Crystal Grids. 

They represent the end state that the Grid is constructed to produce. Selection of Desire Stones is based on the specific final purpose of the Grid.  These stones gather the energy that has been focused and shaped by the Focus Stone, the Way Stones and the Path. 

They give the Universal Life Force its final shaping and tuning to the desired outcome of the Crystal Grid.  They are chosen in a similar manner to the Way Stones - by their Crystal Energy Lattice, and by their Color Rays. 

Desire Stones are often the crystals that would be used alone to accomplish something.  However using multiple ones and having them fed with focused and amplified energy gives them much more energy to accomplish their purpose.


th pathThe Path is the lines of energy that flow through the Grid guiding the energy from the Focus Stone, through any Way Stones, to our Desire Stones.  The Path is the journey to the desire we seek.  The Path is the energy conduit that draws on Sacred Geometry to align, transmit, and guide our energy to achieve our desires. The Path is the flow of energy in a particular grid design. 

The Path follows the lines of the Grid.  It connects the stones to the Patterns of Life.  There is a great synergy to be gained when the Path is aligned with the energy matrices of the crystals on it.  The energy system that results is one of great power.  The Universal Life Force is gathered, focused, and amplified effectively in a well design Crystal Grid with Paths that channel our energy effectively.

The Path is derived from the grid shape.  There are many designs for Crystal Grids.  Each has specific uses and meanings.  Circles, Squares, Triangles, Seeds of Life, Flower of Life, Hexagons, Pentagons, Spirals, Mandelas, the Borromean Rings, the Ashok Chakra, The Eye of Horus, and others are all potent and useful.  Each has its specific meanings and power.  The study of Sacred Geometry teaches the uses of each design. 

Image result for crystal grid layouts for abundance

Crystal Grids are potent ways to harness the Universal Life Force to accomplish your goals and live your dreams.

Some examples:

Grid Layout for Abundance - Seed of Life Template

Image result for crystal grid layouts for abundance


Hand made 6 inch and 10 inch crystal grids with sacred geometry

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~ love and light ~

 ~ love and light ~



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