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Pendulums and Pendulum Grids

Beautiful hand made Pendulums and Pendulum Grids

6 inch or 10 inch handmade pendulum grids

Beautiful wire wrapped pendulums

Pendulums & other dowsing objects, like dowsing rods (L rods or Y rods), have been used throughout history to locate objects or resources.

When you buy a new pendulum it is important to have it on you for a couple days so your energy is infused into it. Mine will always be cleared and ready for you but you may choose to clear it again with sage. Carry it in your pocket with you for a few days or wear it like a necklace if you are able to. I will sleep with mine under my pillow.

A pendulum is pretty simple, only having 2 parts to it:

  1. The “bob” is the part that swings
  2. The “fob” is the part you hold from which it pivots                                                                                                                                                         
  3. Using a pendulum to find something you’ve lost can be very helpful while also giving you great practice & bonding time with your pendulum! I find the more you use it the better & more accurate your results b/c your connection with is stronger & it can more easily resonate with you (or you with it)
  1. You can draw up a rough map of the space you think your lost object in. It doesn’t need to be fancy-shmancy…just a rough drawing will do.
  2. Then simply walk around your space from room to room, asking your pendulum if you’re close or not, hot or cold. Yup, just like the game. For instance, you can go to each room within your home & ask if the lost item is there until you get a “yes”.
  3. Then spend time going through each area of that specific room asking if the object is in this or that region until you’ve homed in on it like a heat-seeking missile! This can even be done from a distance! All you need is a map of the space the object is thought to be in & your trusty pendulum.

You can be loose with it. There’s no right or wrong way. You can do this either sitting or standing, walking from spot to spot, comfortably holding the pendulum’s chain between your thumb & forefinger ( the pivot point) at a comfortable height that feels right for you. If you’re sitting, then go ahead & rest your elbow on a table for stability. Use whatever hand feels most comfortable for you.

Just make sure that pendulum is making a connection with you!

Ask your pendulum "are you with me" it should swing. Once you have established a connection it's time to figure out what means "yes" and what means "no" which way it will swing for both answers.

It is important you ask your pendulum how it will answer both questions to establish that.

Using a pendulum grid is simple, you just ask the questions and your pendy will point the way on the grid!

I sell the pendulums and grids separate or as a package deal. Choose your options below

All my items are smudged and cleared then charged in my 6 foot copper pyramid


~ love and light ~


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